Swimming pool Vrijburg

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This modern swimming complex, with its extensive subtropical water park, is ideal for swimming enthusiasts of all ages and offers a range of facilities for both recreation and sports.

What to Expect at Vrijburg Swimming Pool?

A Water-Rich Adventure

Plan your visit to Vrijburg Swimming Pool in Vlissingen for a day filled with swimming fun and relaxation in a welcoming and safe environment.

Furthermore Swimming pool Vrijburg is near the following sights: DOCK Fun & Event Center (±2,1 km), Play Palace Ballorig (±2,3 km), Old Town Hall of Middelburg (±2,6 km), Middelburg Boat Tour (±2,6 km) & GlowGolf Middelburg (±2,7 km).

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Sportweg 2, Vlissingen
tel. +31 118 486 820 
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