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The Zeeuws Museum in Middelburg is housed in the Abbey in the centre of Middelburg. The Zeeuws Museum features the largest collection of Zeeland heritage in the world.

Key items include its world famous series of 16th century tapestries, fine collections of china and paintings, a spectacular array of fashion and traditional Zeeland costumes, and cabinets containing works of art from East and West. The museum provides inspiring video guided tours that deal not only with the highlights but also with specific themes including animals and passion. The museum features an exclusive museum shop and multi-media screens that offer information on the collection, films and games. The museum café has a spacious terrace on the picturesque Abbey Square.

Guided tours can be arranged by appointment. The museum also offers special programmes and activities for children.

Furthermore Zeeland Museum is near the following sights: Abdijtoren de Lange Jan (±100 m), Middelburg Boat Tour (±700 m), Indoor Karting Middelburg (±1,6 km), Mini Mundi (±2,6 km) & Indoor Playground Monkey Town Middelburg (±2,6 km).

For information:

Zeeuws Museum
Abdij Middelburg, Middelburg
tel. +31 118 653 000 
web. Website