Water playground de Meerpaal

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Explore our fantastic water play ship, bursting with play and splash fun thanks to its various water features! This open-air water playground guarantees hours of splashing and playing fun.

The open-air water playground is located at de Meerpaal Holiday Park in Zoutelande. It is open to everyone, so not only for park guests, but also for brasserie visitors.

- Access for Park Guests:
Children staying as guests at our holiday park will receive a special wristband upon check-in for unlimited access to the water playground during their stay. These bands must be returned upon check-out.

- Access for Brasserie Guests:
Visitors of the brasserie can use the water playground from 12:00 onwards for a fee per child. Entry bands are available at the restaurant.

Furthermore Water playground de Meerpaal is near the following sights: Adventure Park Valkenisse (±500 m), Dune Top Zoutelande (±600 m), Bunker Museum (±1,1 km), Playground Meliskerke (±1,9 km) & Bunker Complex Dishoek (±2,6 km).

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