Bunker Complex Dishoek - Monument

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Experience the impressive history of World War II at the Dishoek Bunker Complex, located in the beautiful Zeeland dunes.

What can you expect at the Dishoek Bunker Complex?

Discover stories of courage and struggle

Dishoek Bunker Complex offers a unique opportunity to experience the reality of war and commemorate the courage and sacrifice of the soldiers.

Important information for visitors

Visit Dishoek Bunker Complex for an impressive and educational experience that highlights the history of World War II in the Netherlands.

Furthermore Bunker Complex Dishoek is near the following sights: Lighthouses of Kaapduinen (±150 m), Tourist Church Dishoek (±300 m), Manege de Zwaanhoek (±1,1 km), Adventure Park Valkenisse (±2,1 km) & Water playground de Meerpaal (±2,6 km).

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Dishoek 23, Dishoek
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