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It is with good reason that this beach cottage bears the name 'Vitamin Sea'. Take to the water with a canoe or surfboard, have breakfast on the almost empty beach and enjoy evening walks along the tide line; it's all invigorating. Not to mention the spectacular sunsets! The cottage is only in this unique location for a few months a year so the sanitary facilities are not permanent, nevertheless the cottage is equipped with all the necessary comforts. Living by the sea is an experience you won't forget in a hurry.
This beach cottage 'Vitamin Sea' on the beach of Dishoek can accommodate four people and one pet. The cottage has a kitchen, a bathroom with a shower and toilet, a bedroom and a loft with a sleeping area (no headroom). There are two double beds available. One 140 x 200 cm and one 160 x 200 cm. The kitchen has an oven, refrigerator with a freezer, toaster, kettle and Nespresso coffee machine. The simple bathroom is equipped with a shower and basic toilet, there is no sewage system on the beach so sanitation is slower and works differently than usual. Any additional information about this is available in the accommodation or through frequently asked questions (FAQ).
When the weather is good, you will spend most of your time outdoors. Enjoy the sun in one of the four beach chairs or two sunbeds on your 25 m2 private beach. For those who enjoy water sports, the cottage has a canoe and surfboard (without a sail) that you can use. When it gets colder in the evening, the house is a cosy spot. Play games together, or just relax and enjoy the sound of the sea in the background.
Vitamin Sea has 1 parking space in the car park on the land side of the dunes. When renting the beach house, you can make use of the parking permit; this allows you to park one vehicle in the car park free of charge.

This beach cottage literally gives you 'Vitamin Sea'

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